Dale Schauer, MA, LMFT (CO.#135)

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I have years of experience treating mood disorders (depression and anxiety), addictions, men's issues, trauma and abuse issues (EMDR, CBT, Brainspotting trained), grief counseling, parenting and relationship issues - including marital dysfunction, blended families, and launching adult children.  I view problems from a Judeo-Christian worldview.


As a client, you are entitled to receive information about the methods of therapy, the techniques used, and the approximate duration of therapy (if known).  I adhere to two treatment philosophies, Solution Focused Therapy, which is goal-directed and problem focused, and Systemic Therapy, which focuses on the the relationship between individuals.  This means that a treatment goal or several goals are established after a thorough assessment.  All treatment is then planned with the goal(s) and the systemic factors in mind, and progress is made towards accomplishment of that goal in a time efficient manner.  You will take an active role in setting and achieving your treatment goals.  Your commitment to this treatment approach is necessary for you to experience a successful outcome.